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C2-It Solutions, Incorporated, is a company devoted to decoupling human growth and prosperity from increasing energy and water use and the corresponding emissions of greenhouse gases. The firm is committed to furthering the best practice of energy efficiency, water efficiency, demand management, and the promotion of new technologies and platforms that help customers and businesses improve their supply chain and reducing waste and inefficiency.

Principals in the company have international experience applying this principal from completing projects in Australia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Focus areas include promoting market-based incentives, behavioral modification, the diffusion of new technologies, creating consumer education programmes, incorporating improved building performance, sustainable agricultural practices, enhanced data analytics, and web-based transaction mechanisms. This includes building electronic transaction platforms that build in efficiency and scale, machine learning of market transactions and behavioral processes that lead to the desired outcome of using less energy and water. A strong emphasis is also on using innovative market mechanisms that lead to a low energy and water consuming future.

Services have also included developing corporate positioning initiatives, improved tariff design, risk management, green power initiatives, and partnership and joint venture programs.

The firm’s principals have also completed a national carbon footprint for public urban transportation systems in the United States, and the results were presented in Congressional testimony before the U.S. Congress.

A comprehensive energy master plan was also completed for the City and County of San Diego (California) to estimate the avoided energy and capacity, as well as transmission upgrade avoidance from low, medium and high scenario DSM initiatives.

In the past, over 25 U.S. electric and natural gas utilities have had DSM plans and programmes completed by principals of this organization. In the 2001 electricity crisis principals worked for the California and Governor’s Office to help organize load shedding and demand response to achieve an average 10% load reduction.

The Company was founded in 2008. Principals have worked with DNV GL (Middle East), SAIC, Elster Metering/Honeywell International and Navigant Consulting. Principal clients have included: Al Ain Distribution Company (U.A.E), European Commission PHARE and SAVE programmes, Ministry of Energy Ukraine, California Energy Commission, Commonwealth Edison Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, Southern California Edison Company, San Diego Energy Office, Con Edison, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Additional client projects that principals were engaged in were located in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

Principals also developed a five year demand response plan for water and electricity for the Al Ain Distribution Company from 2017-2019. A training workshop was also presented in 2019 in Saudi Arabia for the water authority.