Specific types of projects completed by company associates include the following:

  • Al Ain Distribution Company 2016-2020 DSM Plan for Electricity and Water — Project Management — with DNV GL
  • New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY MTA) and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey — Account Executive and Project Manager. Electricity purchasing and risk management.
  • New York MTA — Carbon Footprint and Sustainability Task Force Support.
  • Commonwealth Edison Company — Green Power purchasing programme.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority — Strategic Marketing project for all major customer segments.
  • Elster Metering/Honeywell International — Key account support for metering solutions for the U.S. Navy and Walmart stores U.S.A.
  • California Energy Commission — support in managing and directing the 2020 initiative of electricity consumption and peak load management during the electricity crisis of 2001.
  • Southern California Edison Company/Edison Solutions — strategic sales of energy products and services.
  • Consolidated Edison Company — strategic business plan for creating an energy services company — Con Ed Solutions.
  • European Commission — completion of DSM programme plans for utilities in Denmark and Netherlands.
  • European Commission – Completing Energy Master Plans for Warsaw Poland and the Ministry of Economy, Ukraine Ministry of Electricity and for Odessa, Ukraine.
  • VDEW — completion of model DSM plans for selected German electric utilities.
  • British electricity regulator (OFFER) — completion of national DSM methodology for electric utilities during industry restructuring for then Director, Dr. Stephen Littlechild.
  • National Weather Service — Estimating the economic value of more accurate weather forecasts for the electricity industry in the United States. Completed with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

A key principal and President of the firm is Mr. Todd D. Davis who has spent over 35 years performing energy consulting projects.  His breadth of project experience ranges from directing energy purchasing contracts, to setting up energy metering platforms, meter purchasing, energy and water efficiency projects, screening and selecting efficient energy technologies, designing energy efficiency programmes, designing internet based energy product purchasing platforms, energy risk management projects, carbon footprints/sustainability plans, energy master plans, consumer research on energy and water conservation, and marketing energy efficiency products and services.  Mr. Davis has also managed electricity crisis events including the 2001 California Electricity shortage that existed. 

Prior employers include: Synergic Resources Corporation (SRC), SRC International, Navigant Consulting, SAIC, Elster Metering, Honeywell International and DNVGL.